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The literature and art chronicle of Chernivtsi is filled with names of artists who lived and worked here or came here to get inspiration in the wonderful world of Bukovyna.

Yuriy Fedkovych, one of Ukraine’s most outstanding writers and poets initiated development of Ukrainian literature. Writers and poets such as Olha Kobylyanska, Sydir Vorobkevych, Iryna Vilde, Dmytro Zahul, Mihai Eminescu, Paul Celan, Eliezer Steinbarg and others worked here.

Wonderful tenor Joseph Schmidt, honoured singer of Ukraine Sidi Tal, national singer Nazariy Yaremchuk and composer Volodymyr Ivasyuk also lived and worked here. Dmytro Hnatyuk, Sophia Rotaru, Vasyl Zinkevych, Yan Tabachnyk, Ivan Mykolaychuk started their creative careers in Chernivtsi.

The most beautiful pearl of architectural jewels of Chernivtsi is the architectural complex of former Bukovynian metropolitans. Visitors to Chernivtsi are also impressed by the Drama Theatre, Post Office, building of the former Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Palace of Justice, Railway Station and Ship-House, as well as by streets and parks of the city.


A network of sports institutions operates in the city:

  • 8 stadiums;
  • 64 sports gyms;
  • 3 swimming pools;
  • 18 football fields;
  • 187 outdoor sports gyms;
  • 2 equipped ice rinks;
  • I motorcycle route;
  • 1 archery range.


Chernivtsi one of several cities ot Ukraine with city building such quality and value. I irst ot all tourist potential of the city caused by presence of considerable quantity of monuments of architecture from different epoch and the ethnic cultures, by a rich palette of local customs and the ceremonies, traditional national crafts.

In 2009 more than 60,000 tourists visited Chernivtsi. Tourism services were provided in an amount of UAH 33.9 million. 97 tourist companies work in Chernivtsi (including 29 touroperators and 68 tourist agencies).

There is a developed network of hotels in Chernivtsi. Hotel capacity is 1,500 beds. One can enjoy Ukrainian, Romanian, Italian, German, Turkish, Georgian, Chinese and Korean cuisine in Chernivtsi.

The state register of monuments of architecture totals 689 monuments and objects of the cultural heritance, 24 of national significance.

Partner Cities. Chernivtsi has partnership relations with Salt Lake City (USA), Saskatoon (Canada). Klagenfurt (Austria), Konin (Poland), Nazareth Illit (Israel), Suceava (Romania) and Podolsk (Russia).


What are the conditions for developing business and attracting foreign investments?


  • Favourable geographical and geopolitical location (closeness to borders, transit territory)
  • Old traditions of industry: production of exclusive types of products
  • Diversified industrial complex
  • Advanced scientific, education and research sector
  • Availability of skilled labour resources
  • Low average monthly wages, in 2009 UAH 1643 (equivalent USD 206)
  • Land lots available for industrial needs
  • Presence of establishments for investors: notary, Land Department, Investment Department, Chamber of Commerce, license and registration chamber, permission centres.


  • Export oriented governmental policy
  • European Union(EU) border country
  • Integration of Ukraine into the EU, World Trade Organization and NATO, new markets for Ukrainian goods and services
  • Improved taxation system for small and medium enterprises
  • Holding a final part of the European championship on football "EURO-2012" in Ukraine


Foreign investment protection.

According to the ukrainian legislation in force investors get state guarantees of investment protection and income receipt transfer.

The Law of Ukraine "On the Regime of Foreign Investments" from 1996 specifies the basic features concerning foreign investments:

  • Foreign businesses can invest any activity unless prohibited by Ukrainian legislation.
  • Foreign investments in Ukraine can not be nationalized and the bodies of the state power have no legal right to foreign investment requisition.
  • In the case of leaving the market a foreign investor is guaranteed an investment restitution as well as profit without duties.
  • The state guarantees transfer of profits and other costs which were received legally as a result of the investments.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On property" foreign investors have the right to own houses, buildings and other property for a social, cultural or industrial purpose.

The sale of non-agricultural land-lots for enterprises with foreign investments is stipulated by Presidential decree.

The Parliament of Ukraine has ratified the agreements regarding mutual investment protection and avoidance of double taxation with the majority of the European countries, and many countries of Asia and America.